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I've learned to talk about my body and the various functions and parts therein! - jacksonjohnson [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I've learned to talk about my body and the various functions and parts therein! [Nov. 6th, 2007|11:42 pm]
I know lots of new words, and sometimes mom and dad it's really funny when I use them.

In fact, they talk about it all the time. I suppose I should be taking notes in order to keep the laughs coming. Today Dad told Mom about what happened when he took me to pee in a public restroom on Saturday. We went to The Screens at the Continent to watch the Buckeyes game (Stupid Big 10 network!!) and though I love the Buckeyes, I quickly got bored with watching the game on a giant screen (Brutus and the band only come out every once in a while...). And when I am bored, I find that it is fun to use the facilities. Bedtime is another time in which a trip to the restroom is warranted, but that's another story. Mom thinks that Dad should have the experience of taking me to a public restroom as much as she can possibly get out of it, and he agreed to take me.

We entered the restroom at halftime, along with all the other guys at the theater.

Me: "I'm not touching anything, Daddy! (See Mom -- some things you tell me are sinking in) It's icky and I might get sick. Then I'd have to be with Jesus."

Me: "I want to pee standing up like you do, Daddy!!"

We go into a stall.

Me: "It smells like poop in here."

sounds of guy in next stall pooping

Me: "Someone is pooping! I don't have any poop."

And if that wasn't enough, Mom told Dad about how fun it was when two toddlers are discussing body parts together:

My best friend Alex came over to join me for a morning of racousness the other day. His mom changes him on the carpet in front of us and says, "You're getting dog hair all over your tiny butt!" (Maybe you should vacuum a little more often, Mom?)

Me: "I have a big butt"

They cracked up.

Alex: "Jack has a big butt!"

They really crack up.

Me: "Look, there's his penis!"

Alex: "Jack has a big penis!"

Tears are rolling down our faces.