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Imagine Children's Museum [Aug. 24th, 2007|11:31 pm]
Today, Mom and Aunt Becky took me to possibly the best place on earth: The Imagine Children's Musum. This place blew my mind. I walked in and immediately noticed a large tractor with crates stacked up next to it so that I could climb aboard with minimal assistance. In the same exhibit, there was a cow I was able to milk.

Then I noticed an airplane that I was able to fly. I shocked my mom with my correct usage of the word "cockpit" and headed in:

There was a train room, a water room (which I was loathe to leave), a race car room, and a Van de Graaff generator, all of which were an amazingly good time.

Then we climbed onto the roof for even more mindblowing activities. There were dinosaur bones to dig for, giant xylaphones to play, a car to drive, and the world's largest playstructure to play on. It was three o'clock when we finally left, and we hadn't eaten lunch yet -- without a complaint from me! As we were walking out, we noticed there was a whole other floor of activities down below that we hadn't even seen.