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More of the west coast [Aug. 23rd, 2007|10:36 pm]
After the memorials, we got to spend some time with all of the relatives. It was nice to aquaint myself with everyone, especially since I figure the more attention I can garner, the better.

On Monday, I went to the beach with Uncle Ted and Alicia and Kasie, mom's cousins. Fortunately, Alicia brought her camera, since Mom accidentally left hers at Uncle Ben and Aunt Becky's house in Seattle. I got to eat some fried clams, which I loved, but may have given me hives, and then we went out on the beach and I dug in the sand and jumped the waves, totally soaking my clothes.

On Tuesday, I went hiking up to the top of Multnomah Falls with Mom and Uncle Ted. While I was up there, we hiked back along the creek that runs over the falls, and I met a young man (three) by the name of Wraif, whom I joined in throwing stones into the water. Then we went to pick up Kristen, who is dating Ted, and drove out to the Charburger for an exceedingly tasty dinner. On the way back to Portland, we stopped off at the fish hatchery at Bonneville Dam, where I was able to see a 13-foot-long, sixty-five-year-old sturgeon, and feed some baby trout. A fantastic time.

On Wednesday we got to go shopping with Aunt Jean. I like Aunt Jean a lot, especially since she got me a cookie along with my lunch AND let me sleep on my very own air mattress while we stayed at her house.

On Thursday, Uncle Ted and Kristen drove us back up to Seattle, where Aunt Becky, Uncle Ben and the big boy bed awaited. We went to see some locks where the boats go from the sea into a freshwater lake and saw huge salmon swimming upstream to spawn. They were climbing a ladder, which fascinated me to no end.

Then we headed out to dip our toes in the sound, which turned out to be quite a bit colder than the Oregon Pacific Ocean, which I had thought cold until the comparison. We got our first fantastic view of Mt. Rainier and then went to see a lighthouse, which turned out not to be very interesting, because it had a fence around it.