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West Coast, baby! [Aug. 16th, 2007|08:16 pm]
I got to go on a plane today. Mom told me about it last week when she was trying to buy the tickets online and I was preferring that her attention be paid to me, and it was probably a poor choice on her part to mention it so far in advance. But the day finally came, and here I am in the window seat:

I loved it at first, but about two hours into the ride, it got a little old. I told my mom that I wanted to get off the plane now, but she refused to comply. She did, however, let me poop in the airplane potty, which was an adventure for everyone involved.

We arrived in Seattle...well, Bellingham International Airport (which is a very tiny airport with only one gate and free parking, much to the shock of Aunt Becky)...and were whisked away to the Pike Place Market for lunch, and then to the Seattle Aquarium. I got to see, among other things:

A giant squid

Seals, who were, incidentally, being trained to retrive foriegn objects out of their pools -- fascinating stuff

A huge starfish

A myriad of baby salmon

and a tiny seahorse.

I even got to touch some starfish and sea cucumbers with the help of Aunt Becky:

My favorite part was the underwater dome, where I saw all manner of fish, including sharks, and a diver who was cleaning the thing:

After the aquarium, we headed back to the market where we watched crazy guys throw giant fish around. One day, I think I will be big enough to do that.

Then we headed to a small park to look at the Seattle skyline. I was more interested in climbing on the sculpture that was there, but I humored mom for a moment and let Aunt Becky take a picture of us.