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The Fountain! [Aug. 15th, 2007|09:11 pm]
I got to go to the fountain with my friend Alex today. We ate some grapes and ran around in the water. I found a bucket some poor sap had left lying around and commandeered it for my own, which led to a fabulous time of filling it and dumping it out.

When we were done playing in the fountain, we got to climb a big hill and look at some giant iron rabbits. Mom tried to take our picture, but we had fun stymieing her by taking turns looking away from the camera.

After that, mom tried to teach me to roll down the big hill. It looked fun while she was doing it, but for some reason, I could only roll sideways across the hill and not down. Frustrating to be sure. I ended up racing to the bottom, much to my mom's chagrin -- now that I look back on it, that was probably what she was trying to keep me from doing with the whole rolling thing. I enjoyed telling Alex to come back when he ran away from our coterie and thought it was a great idea when his mom suggested that I hold his hand and bring him back.

I did not, however, think it was a good idea to come back when I caught sight of this rock wall in the distance, despite my mother's insistance that I do so: