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I have a new favorite toy: [Jan. 25th, 2008|07:05 pm]
My mom and dad got me a giant plastic tub to keep my toys in, but I think it is better suited to keep ME in!

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An update from the zoo [Jan. 9th, 2008|04:53 pm]
We had a fun trip to the zoo this morning, and mom remembered her camera! The forecast was for rain, but it was actually a lovely -- albeit windy -- day. My friend Alex and I had a total blast, and as a special mom bonus for schlepping me across town, I decided to take a nap this afternoon!!

In the gorilla house, Alex and I were quite taken with the three-year-old gorilla, and she was fascinated by us as well. She was sticking out her tongue at us, and we were doing likewise back to her. In an attempt to capture the moment, Mom and Alex's mom posed the three of us together, but the three of us decided not to oblige. She did manage to get one of all three of us looking at the camera and sticking our tongues out, but fortunately, it was blurry beyond recognition. And then there were about a thousand where one or two were looking at the camera, and the other was looking off into space, and so on. Good times for sure.

We also saw the tiger (of course!!). When we visited the tiger after the San Francisco zoo attack during Wildlights, I didn't feel weird about it, but there were a TON of other people around. Today it was just Mom and me -- we got there before Alex and his mom -- and Mom thought it was a little creepy. I didn't, however, and got out the pennies I'd brought from the house to make her roar.

We saw lots of other animals, too, including the sea horses, which have been off exhibit for a while:

We spent a lot of time in the aquarium because it was a.) warm and b.) always fascinating!

Mom really likes the sharks.

Alex and I really like to run around and yell! (fortunately we had the zoo to ourselves, today)

with an occasional stop to check out the fish:




Here we are riding the croc:



We also saw the rhino,

the water monitor,

the baby langur and it's parents,

(Mom accidentally forgot to turn the flash off on the first picture, but it's the only one where you can really see his face)

and a very cool Eurasian Eagle Owl.

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I've learned to talk about my body and the various functions and parts therein! [Nov. 6th, 2007|11:42 pm]
I know lots of new words, and sometimes mom and dad it's really funny when I use them.

In fact, they talk about it all the time. I suppose I should be taking notes in order to keep the laughs coming. Today Dad told Mom about what happened when he took me to pee in a public restroom on Saturday. We went to The Screens at the Continent to watch the Buckeyes game (Stupid Big 10 network!!) and though I love the Buckeyes, I quickly got bored with watching the game on a giant screen (Brutus and the band only come out every once in a while...). And when I am bored, I find that it is fun to use the facilities. Bedtime is another time in which a trip to the restroom is warranted, but that's another story. Mom thinks that Dad should have the experience of taking me to a public restroom as much as she can possibly get out of it, and he agreed to take me.

We entered the restroom at halftime, along with all the other guys at the theater.

Me: "I'm not touching anything, Daddy! (See Mom -- some things you tell me are sinking in) It's icky and I might get sick. Then I'd have to be with Jesus."

Me: "I want to pee standing up like you do, Daddy!!"

We go into a stall.

Me: "It smells like poop in here."

sounds of guy in next stall pooping

Me: "Someone is pooping! I don't have any poop."

And if that wasn't enough, Mom told Dad about how fun it was when two toddlers are discussing body parts together:

My best friend Alex came over to join me for a morning of racousness the other day. His mom changes him on the carpet in front of us and says, "You're getting dog hair all over your tiny butt!" (Maybe you should vacuum a little more often, Mom?)

Me: "I have a big butt"

They cracked up.

Alex: "Jack has a big butt!"

They really crack up.

Me: "Look, there's his penis!"

Alex: "Jack has a big penis!"

Tears are rolling down our faces.
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A new zoo, and a trip home [Aug. 27th, 2007|11:55 pm]
On Saturday, Aunt Becky had to work, so Uncle Ben took us to the zoo. It wasn't quite as nice as the Columbus Zoo, but they did have giraffes, which are mom's favorite, and butterflies, which were mine. There was a Komodo Dragon that I was able to sit on, Uncle Ben even bought me a seed stick so that I could feed a bird, and we saw a spider that was nearly as big as my head.

Oh, and they also had hippos, which I was quite fascinated with, as well as a leopard who was right by the window, drawing quite a crowd. I thought I'd give mom a heart attack by wandering off on my own through the crowd. She and Uncle Ben found me quickly, though, and I recieved quite a scolding, which I suppose I deserved.

On Sunday, we visited the giant REI store in downtown Seattle after church, then Aunt Becky and Uncle Ben took us to eat at a wonderful restaurant right by where the ferry docked in Mukilteo. The children's menu was printed on the back of a mask: what a boon!!

Today, we travelled home and finally arrived back in Columbus -- exhausted but happy after our whirlwind journey.

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Imagine Children's Museum [Aug. 24th, 2007|11:31 pm]
Today, Mom and Aunt Becky took me to possibly the best place on earth: The Imagine Children's Musum. This place blew my mind. I walked in and immediately noticed a large tractor with crates stacked up next to it so that I could climb aboard with minimal assistance. In the same exhibit, there was a cow I was able to milk.

Then I noticed an airplane that I was able to fly. I shocked my mom with my correct usage of the word "cockpit" and headed in:

There was a train room, a water room (which I was loathe to leave), a race car room, and a Van de Graaff generator, all of which were an amazingly good time.

Then we climbed onto the roof for even more mindblowing activities. There were dinosaur bones to dig for, giant xylaphones to play, a car to drive, and the world's largest playstructure to play on. It was three o'clock when we finally left, and we hadn't eaten lunch yet -- without a complaint from me! As we were walking out, we noticed there was a whole other floor of activities down below that we hadn't even seen.

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More of the west coast [Aug. 23rd, 2007|10:36 pm]
After the memorials, we got to spend some time with all of the relatives. It was nice to aquaint myself with everyone, especially since I figure the more attention I can garner, the better.

On Monday, I went to the beach with Uncle Ted and Alicia and Kasie, mom's cousins. Fortunately, Alicia brought her camera, since Mom accidentally left hers at Uncle Ben and Aunt Becky's house in Seattle. I got to eat some fried clams, which I loved, but may have given me hives, and then we went out on the beach and I dug in the sand and jumped the waves, totally soaking my clothes.

On Tuesday, I went hiking up to the top of Multnomah Falls with Mom and Uncle Ted. While I was up there, we hiked back along the creek that runs over the falls, and I met a young man (three) by the name of Wraif, whom I joined in throwing stones into the water. Then we went to pick up Kristen, who is dating Ted, and drove out to the Charburger for an exceedingly tasty dinner. On the way back to Portland, we stopped off at the fish hatchery at Bonneville Dam, where I was able to see a 13-foot-long, sixty-five-year-old sturgeon, and feed some baby trout. A fantastic time.

On Wednesday we got to go shopping with Aunt Jean. I like Aunt Jean a lot, especially since she got me a cookie along with my lunch AND let me sleep on my very own air mattress while we stayed at her house.

On Thursday, Uncle Ted and Kristen drove us back up to Seattle, where Aunt Becky, Uncle Ben and the big boy bed awaited. We went to see some locks where the boats go from the sea into a freshwater lake and saw huge salmon swimming upstream to spawn. They were climbing a ladder, which fascinated me to no end.

Then we headed out to dip our toes in the sound, which turned out to be quite a bit colder than the Oregon Pacific Ocean, which I had thought cold until the comparison. We got our first fantastic view of Mt. Rainier and then went to see a lighthouse, which turned out not to be very interesting, because it had a fence around it.

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A memorial [Aug. 17th, 2007|10:26 pm]
Great Grandma Ruby died, which was the reason for the plane ride yesterday. Mom tried to explain it to me, but I still don't quite understand. We went to a tiny memorial in the cemetary today, which was lots of fun for me, especially after being cooped up in the car on the drive down from Seattle. I ran around in the grass with all my uncles and second cousins, and had a generally good time. I'm glad I was able to capitalize on being the only great grandchild in a huge group of adults who think I'm cute. When everyone was singing some of Grandma Ruby's favorite songs, I danced along, and when they were finished I exclaimed, "Sing it again, Mommy!" I also took the opportunity to announce during a quiet moment, in case someone was uninformed as to why we were there: "Great Grandma died. That's SAD. She's by JESUS." The best part was putting flowers into the vases that Aunt Sue brought -- I wanted to put all of them in, but they would only let me put in the one for me and the one for my dad, since he couldn't make it.
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West Coast, baby! [Aug. 16th, 2007|08:16 pm]
I got to go on a plane today. Mom told me about it last week when she was trying to buy the tickets online and I was preferring that her attention be paid to me, and it was probably a poor choice on her part to mention it so far in advance. But the day finally came, and here I am in the window seat:

I loved it at first, but about two hours into the ride, it got a little old. I told my mom that I wanted to get off the plane now, but she refused to comply. She did, however, let me poop in the airplane potty, which was an adventure for everyone involved.

We arrived in Seattle...well, Bellingham International Airport (which is a very tiny airport with only one gate and free parking, much to the shock of Aunt Becky)...and were whisked away to the Pike Place Market for lunch, and then to the Seattle Aquarium. I got to see, among other things:

A giant squid

Seals, who were, incidentally, being trained to retrive foriegn objects out of their pools -- fascinating stuff

A huge starfish

A myriad of baby salmon

and a tiny seahorse.

I even got to touch some starfish and sea cucumbers with the help of Aunt Becky:

My favorite part was the underwater dome, where I saw all manner of fish, including sharks, and a diver who was cleaning the thing:

After the aquarium, we headed back to the market where we watched crazy guys throw giant fish around. One day, I think I will be big enough to do that.

Then we headed to a small park to look at the Seattle skyline. I was more interested in climbing on the sculpture that was there, but I humored mom for a moment and let Aunt Becky take a picture of us.

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The Fountain! [Aug. 15th, 2007|09:11 pm]
I got to go to the fountain with my friend Alex today. We ate some grapes and ran around in the water. I found a bucket some poor sap had left lying around and commandeered it for my own, which led to a fabulous time of filling it and dumping it out.

When we were done playing in the fountain, we got to climb a big hill and look at some giant iron rabbits. Mom tried to take our picture, but we had fun stymieing her by taking turns looking away from the camera.

After that, mom tried to teach me to roll down the big hill. It looked fun while she was doing it, but for some reason, I could only roll sideways across the hill and not down. Frustrating to be sure. I ended up racing to the bottom, much to my mom's chagrin -- now that I look back on it, that was probably what she was trying to keep me from doing with the whole rolling thing. I enjoyed telling Alex to come back when he ran away from our coterie and thought it was a great idea when his mom suggested that I hold his hand and bring him back.

I did not, however, think it was a good idea to come back when I caught sight of this rock wall in the distance, despite my mother's insistance that I do so:

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More pictures from yesterday! [May. 30th, 2007|03:22 pm]
Dianna also took pictures when we went to the fountain. She got plenty of me, in addition to her kids, because I like to ask to have my picture taken.

More under here!Collapse )
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